We share with you some colour tips that can help you paint your bathroom and make it look bigger.

1. Go bold with a dark color scheme

Having a smaller bathroom doesn’t mean you can’t choose dark colors! While many people will traditionally choose lighter tones to maximize the feeling of space, darker tones can create a sense of luxury and style no matter the room size.

We recommend pairing dark walls like Emerald Glade with metallics and a large mirror to give your bathroom some style dimension.


2. Opt for a fun accent wall

This is a fun project for all the inner artists to get creative! When it comes to accent walls, the limit truly is your imagination. Patterns, murals, or simple, solid colors are all fantastic options for adding some major wow factor to your bathroom. 

3. Try a soft grey colour design

Soft grey walls in a shade like Pebble Shore offer a subtle yet sophisticated contrast colour for white furnishings, as well as taking the edge off of pre-existing glossy white ceramics such as bathtubs and sinks. 

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4. Play with a light and dark contrast

Dark and light colors share a stylish tonal relationship that can work wonders for your bathroom. To achieve this unique and modern look, we recommend using a mid-toned neutral shade like Warm Pewter for the lower areas of your space. This perfectly contrasts a lighter pastel shade like Blush Pink for your upper walls, giving your room a sense of dynamic style. 


5. Contrast painted walls with white furniture

Since most bathrooms already have classic white fixtures, choosing a stylish contrast color like Tuscan Glade 3 for your walls will help to beautifully contrast your pre-existing features. 

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