At EGD we not only think of our clients with an incredible potential to decorate their homes, but we also always take into account the interior designers.

For us it is important that they can also feel part of this community and that every day they can continue to grow. That's why we leave you a top 5 interior design apps that you should know and start working on them.

1. RoomScan Pro:

 This app would help you to scan your room to provide you with the dimensions and a 3D model so you can effortlessly envisage new decor and furnishings to your heart’s content.

It offers augmented reality scanning or the ability to touch your phone against the walls to measure. It’s not only great for individual room planning, it also helps with exteriors and gardens.


RoomScan Pro app


 2. Houzz:

Everyone’s favourite interior design site, Houzz, also has a superbly handy app. It’s your ‘one stop shop’ for design inspiration and tips, a directory of many professionals to help you get the job done and an online store of every kind of home decor product you can imagine.
Houzz app de decoracion y arte

3. Havenly:

Havenly pegs itself as an interior design app for ‘real people’. As well as a range of personally curated products and photo technology, it also has the added bonus of offering live chats with professional interior designers. This app is great if you get stuck on something or need on-demand help and answers.

4. Photo Measures:

A superb app that allows you to collate and save a variety of measurements on your phone. Store the dimensions and measurements for cabinetry, wall size, floor area and so much more. This is particularly useful when you are trying to decide what size artwork you can fit in your home and whether you should go large with a statement piece.
App Photo Measures para que no olvides nada en tus obras

5. Planner 5D:

Easily visualise how you want your room or home to look with this handy tool. Create your dream home with fabulous interior design with their mammoth ideas library. It offers varying difficulty levels and you can even publish your dream project to social media platforms, so your friends and family can join in the fun.


Tell us what you thought. Did you know any of these apps?

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