This Halloween season we want your decorations to be the most amazing. That's why we bring you some tips and ideas that can help you make your home the coolest and spookiest.


1. Look for specific items that have personality and get you in the Halloween mood.
You don't necessarily have to decorate your entire house or enter a competition for the best decorations. The most important and fun thing about Halloween is that you enjoy it and feel that change of mood that adapts perfectly to your home.

For example, a mug or a rug.




2. This season in terms of decorations we have seen a lot of items that can be hung. For example, ghosts, bats, witches hats, etc.
These are perfect for decorating specific areas of your home, such as the fireplace.

3. Pillows and more pillows.
This is one of this season's favorite decor items. Especially because it allows you to play with colors, shapes, and textures, thus achieving the perfect touch to your home.
Tell us, what will be your Halloween decoration this year? Remember that we have pvc products available for you, ideal to decorate and complement it.

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