If trends are what you're looking for, then you've come to the right place.
In this new blog post we want to tell you about the latest furniture trends for 2022.

We want your home to be composed of the best trends in every possible way. Here we leave you some of them.


1. Furniture with fur fabrics:

Ideal if you want to give a clean and cool touch to your spaces.
It is one of the most used trends this year. In addition to giving a clean aesthetic to your spaces, they are also ideal when cleaning them.


2. Different concept tables:

When it comes to tables, this is the era of new trends. This year we see the use of geometric and also different materials, from acrylics to wood. This trend is more focused on the aesthetics of the table and not so much on its use-space.


3. Eclectic chairs:

The more minimalist, the better.
We could say that this is the most used and implemented trend this year. Furniture that does not necessarily have to be comfortable or fulfill its function, but rather help us to give a different and eclectic touch to the spaces.



What do you think of these trends? Do you have any of these pieces of furniture at home?

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