If you are moving to a new home for the first time and you are becoming independent, these are the 10 best tips we can give you so that your new home will adapt smoothly to you and you can save as much as possible in terms of space, time, and money.


1. Pastel Colours: Always choose soft pastel colors for the walls. These make your room look spacious and airy. If you want to add a vibrant color for the accent wall, compensate it with muted colors for the rest of your space.

2. Large Mirrors: Mirrors are best for making your home look big and bright. They reflect light beautifully and add extra jazz to your space.

3. Proper Lighting: One of the latest home decor ideas for small spaces is proper lighting. Add lights to the back panels, false ceilings, and walls to brighten the space without compromising the floor area.

4. Space-Saving Modular Furniture: Functional furniture is a must in small spaces. Avoid bulky furniture and instead, go for smart furniture with multiple uses. 

5. Minimal Decor: Don’t go overboard with elaborate decor. This will end up making your home look clumsy and cluttered. 

6. POP Wall Panelling: Add wall panelling to define your home and lend a luxe vibe to the space.

7. Add Tall Plants: Place some tall plants to accentuate the height of your large home while lending a tropical vibe to your home.

8. Dual-Toned Wall Colour: If you have a large home, try playing with vibrant colours. Combining dark and light colour palettes makes your home look cosy and compact.

9. Add A Subtle Partition: A dining table to create a visual division between the bedroom, kitchen and living room makes your home look clean while lighter to the eye.

10. A Large Sectional Sofa With Storage: A sectional sofa is an excellent way of adding large seating options in your living room while utilising the corner space.



Tell us, did these tips help you with your new house move?

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